Sunday, May 23, 2010


We went to our first rugby game! We had a fun time trying to figure out the rules while watching the game. It seemed like we were watching football, yet they didn't stop when the ball was down, they would just throw it to someone else. It was pretty exciting to watch. It was the USA High School Championships. We were driving by the stadium and found out that the last game was at 7:30 Highland vs. United. We hurried to Target, bought myself a sweatshirt and a blanket for us all to share. Then went back to buy our tickets. What a fun game! Highland is the team that the Rugby movie, Forever Strong was all about. They have a winning streak of only 9 losses over the last 32 years of games. We witnessed their tenth loss. Glad our kids have no desire to play the game, just watch it!! (So far!)

Here's one of our favorite parts when they start in a huge huddle waiting for the ball to pop out somewhere...

We loved when the ball would go out and they would throw it in. The teams would lift one guy up to try and get the ball.

Camden watching as the winning team does their chant...pretty cool to see and hear!

Friday, March 19, 2010

First and Last Snowman of the Year

This was our first snowman built with Carsyn in December (I thought I had a picture of it with the cute hat and scarf my mom made it.) But, here it has Blake's little mitten for a hat!

This is our last snowman (we think), built in March. The hat for this big guy is a big bowl!

We're back!

O.K. I've gotten so backed up on our blog scrapbook that I've decided to start from today and go back when I can. I just haven't taken the time to keep up! SO, eventually I will. My goal is to print this some day and have a nice family scrapbook.....we'll see!!! :0)

Camden's First Big Project!

Camden did a great job creating his very own book report using art, writing, and an oral report. They displayed it at school today for parents, the principal, and other classes to come see. He was so brave telling everyone about his project! Way to go Camden!

He loves Geronimo Stilton books. This one was "The Karate Mouse". He drew three great portraits of three different characters, made a paper mache Geronimo Stilton head, wrote about his favorite part, and made a time line of the story. He had to read his favorite part to his class and tell about why he liked it. They all made a 'Reading Rainbow' film about their books. He did a great job on the video. My favorite was when he said, "You can check it out at your local library!"

This was his finished project at home. He was very excited and proud about it.

Blake made his own project too. He said his is about the earth. He even drew a picture from the Geronimo Stilton book that he 'read'. He was also very proud of the finished project.

Blake was really concentrating as he glued a piece of yarn on the side of his display. :0)

It Finally Snowed Again!

All winter the snow wasn't very playful snow! There were a couple of days where we played in it, but after a while it was too icy and you couldn't make snowballs. We didn't really get much snow this year (we think) and pretty soon it was all gone! Until it finally snowed again, and it was great for playing! I wish I would have taken Camden out of school to play in the melted by the time he got home! But, Blake and I had a great time!! About a week later it snowed again so we rushed out to a great sledding hill and my kamikaze boys went head first down some really steep hills! They both tried snowboarding too. Finally a play day in the snow! We will hopefully make it up to Brighton before the season is over to try real snowboarding with the boys!

Blake's Fort

Yummy Snow!

What a Cute Snowboarder!

Here's my first attempt to share a couple of videos:
(You'll have to pause our music to hear the video).

The GIANT Snowman! All winter we wanted to make the hugest snowman.....finally we did it! I had to use a wood board to roll the middle part up to where it needed to go. The board even broke because the snow was so heavy! My neighbor helped me with the final push and helped me lift the head to the top! He was about 7 feet tall! (His head was so big we had to use the biggest bowl I had for a hat!)

TA DA!!!!

In the sun he melted, melted, melted!!!! This was about 3 hours later when Camden got home from school! He lasted a few days till it was just a small ball of snow, then gone!

Camden was so excited when it snowed again (a week later). It was a Saturday so he was home from school and then it was his turn to play! We went sledding and snowboarding. FUN times in the snow!!!


We loved watching the olympics! Blake decided he want's to do the skeleton when he gets big!!! I sure hope he changes his mind about that one! They became pretty creative with their legos making their favorites: the luge (which is also their skeleton, when they change the guy around), bobsledding, snowboarding, and ski jumping.

Will brought home a gigantic box from work the other day. They made this where they played like they were a four man bobsled team with our neighbors. They also turned it into "Wack a Mole" game!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We finally went to a U of U football game again! Will was in heaven! Camden really loved it too. Will even called his good friend Steve during the game...they always call each other at the strangest times, especially if either of them are at a U of U game of any kind. Ahh the good memories at the U.

We started our whole night by riding Trax from Sandy to the U. It took us 40 minutes to ride the train, but no game traffic or parking fees. The boys loved "surfing" on the train-Will showed them how they would ride the public transportation in the Czech Republic while on his mission. It was fun to travel to the game that way.

The boys love 'snowies' (snow cones). When buying a snowie at the game, you have a choice of a 'snowie' or hot chocolate! Of course, our kiddos still wanted the snowie even though it was pretty cold out! I would have preferred the hot chocolate!

The giant stadium-much was added after we graduated 10 years ago and after the Olympics in 2002! There were 48,000 people at this game. (I hear it seats 50,000) They played New Mexico...and won! (I guess New Mexico isn't that great this year, so it was a given that they would win.) It's so fun going to a game rather than just watching on TV!

Blake with every ones beanies on.

Daddy and silly Camden

Me and my little Utes!